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We are currently looking for Influencers / Content Creators!

We’re looking for passionate horseback riders worldwide who have a social following AND love sharing photos and videos of their equestrian journey online. Apply to be a Sukwa Saddle Blankets Influencer / Content creator today!

Influencer / Content Creator Program

A Sukwa Saddle Blankets Influencer utilizes their creativity, credibility and influence to promote Sukwa Saddle Blankets. Influencers and content creators should have a personal fan or follower base who are made up primarily of equestrians. 

Sukwa Saddle Blanket Influencers will be expected to provide quality content based on their platforms, level of followers, creator style and their influential status. We encourage influencers to work together with our marketing team to ensure the content is authentic and real for the influencer. 

Influencers can create a long term relationship with our brand by becoming a brand ambassador if there is mutual interest and a great working relationship. 

Influencer Compensation & Perks

  • Sukwa Saddle Blanket of choice ($250 value)
  • Monetary compensation based on influencer data and content requested
  • 10 % personalized discount promo code to share 
  • Possible commission on sales from promo code social media feature

Influencer Expectations

  • 3k minimum followers on one platform
  • Real engaged audience on
    • Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Personal Blog
    • Above average engagement rates
  • Genuine interest in Sukwa Saddle Blankets product and mission
  • We prefer to work with influencers who are active riders, riding or working within the equestrian industry several times per week
  • Follow us on social media
    • Like our Facebook Page: 
    • Follow our Instagram
    • Your social media account must be set to public, not private
  • Tag us on your posts or stories with Sukwa Saddle Blankets
  • Publish social media post(s) within 14 days of receiving product
    • Publish content as agreed to based on compensation
    • Create and post content that presents the Sukwa brand in a positive light 
  • Timely, professional communication
  • Apply with FCC regulations to disclose promotional material

Please fill out our short  Sukwa Influencer / Content Creator application so we may get to know you better and can consider working together. Thank you!

Apply Now to Be a Sukwa Influencer / Content Creator!