How It's Made

We take pride in our products, just as we know you take pride in caring for your horse. Sukwa sources the highest quality raw materials for our Saddle Blankets because comfort and longevity are important to quality tack for your horse. All our fabrics are hand-dyed and woven, perfectly made to care for you and your best friend.


Our Saddle Blankets are made by local artisans in Kenya. We source local, organic wool straight from our favorite northern Kenyan sheep farmers.


Wool is then processed from the sheep and spun into the perfect thickness to create the most durable, comfortable Saddle Blankets - able to withstand many rides. 


Once we receive the spun wool, we wash it 3-4 times to remove all grime from processing, spinning and traveling. This returns the wool to its natural, beautiful cream color. After that, we set a fire and heat the wool to put it through the dying process. All our dyes are organic and color-matched, and our Blankets are hand-dyed, to ensure the highest quality end product.


Once the wool is cleaned, dyed and hung out to completely dry, our artisans stand up their loom and begin to intricately weave and set the designs. Many of our artisans from Kenya have almost 30 years of experience. Each Blanket takes 3 days to weave.


After a Blanket is woven, they cut it off the loom, clean it up and bind the ends. The leather woven into the Blanket is embossed and all leather details are then sewn on. Finally, the Blanket is packed with love and sent to doorsteps all over the world, with love from Kenya, so you can enjoy your next adventure with your best friend.