Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sukwa mean?

Sukwa means "woven" in Swahili. All of our Saddle Blankets are handwoven in Kenya in partnership with Imani Collective

Why does it take 4-6 weeks to receive my Sukwa Saddle Blanket?

Sukwa Saddle Blankets are handwoven and made-to-order. Check out our process HERE.

How do I wash my Saddle Blanket?

We first suggest to brush all hair and dirt out of the Saddle Blanket. Then, wash the Blanket with soap and water. We also suggest using a pressure washer to help eliminate soap residue. Make sure you wash both sides and then hang to dry.

Why should I choose a wool Saddle Blanket over others?

Wool is a quality textile and has been used for centuries. The wool Navajo Saddle Blankets became the preferred choice after sheepskin in 1860’s. They added comfort, style and durability.

Wool is also the preferred choice for longevity and comfort for the horse. It breathes well, allowing flexibility within various weather conditions. It will maintain heat for warmth or hold sweat to keep cool.

Most importantly, wool is all-natural, making it the best choice not only for your best friend, but also allowing it to outlast any synthetic material.

How long does a Sukwa Saddle Blanket last?

The truth is, Saddle Blankets don't last forever. But quality wool, not mixed with any synthetic fibers, that Sukwa uses dramatically extends the lifespan of the Blanket. It also truly depends on how often you are riding. There are individuals who have Saddle Blankets for 10+ years, but an average Saddle Blanket lasts about two years. We also suggest you have a “backup” Saddle Blanket on hand just in case you ever get caught in the rain and need a dry Blanket soon after.

Why can a Sukwa Saddle Blanket cost up to $295?

Our Saddle Blankets are handwoven from only naturally-derived wool, which means no additional synthetic fibers of any kind are included. The wool goes through an intensive and 100% hands-on manufacturing process, starting with  shearing all the way to tinting with organic dyes and finally being woven. All of this means Sukwa Saddle Blankets are made with the intention of being the highest quality Blanket for you and your best friend.

Even at this level of quality, handmade at every step, a Sukwa Saddle Blanket at the highest price point only costs $8-$12 per month and maintains its quality for 2-3 years or longer.